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Blind browser for blind people
07-04-2014, 09:37 PM
Blind browser for blind people
Modern information-technology facilities are often not suitable for blind and visually impaired people. Such problems in communication are well known to many disabled persons .If they are unable to use their hands, read or speak, they are forced to use technical aids to overcome their problems. For blind and visually impaired persons Braille code is a common aid. This type of coding requires special editions of written corpora or special additional hardware components when used with computers. The solution is relatively costly and requires special skills from the user.
Over the past ten years a considerable advance has been made in the development of automatic Text-To-Speech and Speech recognising systems. Such systems offer a more natural and user-friendly way of communication for the blind and visually impaired persons. The communication goal can be achieved faster and they offer access to large text corpora via modern technical equipment (over computer networks & scanners etc) and have relatively lower price.
By considering all these (including the necessity of IT) we are providing a software which gives the user a best way to browse the net which satisfying all the users need. With our software, one can browse the sites without the help of an external. Someone may be in need of a special site, that is not needed by any other one. There can be situation in which the user need an entirely different site.
Our software support all these needs. We are providing a software which satisfies all needs of users up to a level. Any user can login without any id and can use our system. For supporting the users need we are including a administrator section also.

Existing system
All the existing systems the websites specially designed for the visually impaired persons can be accessed through various channels. They all provides the same type of purposes. But there is no such existing software which directly consider all types of user’s need, and allow the user’s to browse different sites according to their own tastes and enjoy browsing without much help from the external.
But they are actually trying to make benefit from this disabled persons. They are trying market their product trough this sites. Only the sites specially designed for the blind people can achieve through this softwares. They cannot enjoy the browsing sites of an ordinary person, which contains large amount of informative things and data collections like Wikipedia & news & opportunities.

Proposed system
The proposed project “Blind browser” is concentrated on all areas and adds new valuable features for the visually impaired persons. Also it will increase the user Interface more than the existing system. The main feature is that it will allow the visually disabled persons to browse like an ordinary person.. In this system the accessing of the database is very easy. It need less time for accessing the information from the database. This is helpful for the users. The Windows application is help for easy to create the front end of the proposed system, it need less codes than existing system for the creation of the software.

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