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Privacy in Personalized Web Search
10-09-2014, 06:54 AM,
Privacy in Personalized Web Search
Personalized Web Search (PWS) is a technique used to provide better search result by making use of user’s interest. The problem in PWS system is user privacy information is being disclosed during personalization. Hence a framework named UPS (User Customizable Privacy Preserving Search) has been used for preserving privacy in personalized web search. This framework generalizes user profiles for each query according to user specified privacy requirements. In existing work, client side personalization technique has used and it does not support user to access his/her personalized user profile by using some other different systems in different location. To avoid above mentioned problem, in the proposed system server side personalization and the RSA algorithm to encrypt the personalized user profile has been used to avoid the privacy issue while exposing user profile to server. The algorithm named “BuildUP & Split” also been proposed to generate a hierarchal user profile.

i have attached my architecture diagram and my proposed work & i need my project to be implemented in java,,it should be like a web application

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