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04-03-2019, 07:44 AM,
Pandora also manufactures its own PANDORA Jewelry. That can boost profit when sales are racing ahead and economies of scale kick in, but it’s a significant drag when they stagnate. Pandora is targeting an additional 200 million kroner ($31 million) of savings from 2019. Further efficiencies, and flexibility in the manufacturing base, will be needed.

The PANDORA Charms have lost almost half their value this year, trading at about seven times expected earnings. That’s about a third of the rating enjoyed by Bloomberg Intelligence’s index of top luxury companies. Finding a chief executive officer would help after the August departure of Anders Colding Friis. But it’s hard to see what any new leader might do to challenge the fickle nature of fashion.Some trends refuse to die. Others catch fire, then burn out just as quickly. That’s what has happened with Pandora's charms, the little adornments often added to bracelets.

After a profit warning PANDORA Rings that raised questions about the credibility of management, Pandora A/S announced that CEO Anders Colding Friis will step down. It has begun the search for his replacement, and hired former Body Shop boss Jeremy Schwartz as chief operating officer.

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