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Misallignmnet of wheel during running condition of a vehicle
03-17-2017, 10:59 AM,
Misallignmnet of wheel during running condition of a vehicle

This project is based on steering geometry. Steering geometry is the angular representation and obtaining relationship between the front wheels. Allignment refers to a layout by a straight line. The wheel allignment means positioning of the front wheels and steering mechanism.
It provides good directional stability, easy steering, tyre wear and good riding qualities of the vehicle.
During stationary condition of a vehicle ,wheels will be at some angles inclined.
The important factors involved in wheel allignment castor,camber,Toe-in, Toe-out, Kingpin inclination.
Usually the camber angle should not exceed 2degree.

While the vehicle turns a turn (left turn) ,the left side of the vehicle turns less angle and right wheel has to turn more angle so that it covers more radius. Because of this driver has to put more effort on steering system , even it makes him exhausted. Another main problem is tire wear. The tire life will be maximum when the camber angle in running condition is zero.

In order to solve the above problems. i.e
1. To reduce the effort of a driver
2. To reduce tire wear
3. To impart directional stability
we will be developing a system. This system is based on hydraulics.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IF POSSIBLE I NEED SIMULATION USING MATLAB

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